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Andrea's Antics December 6th, 2017


 andrea headshot

First of all, I have to tell you that I have been positively overwhelmed by the outpouring of support I have received regarding my antics encouraging us to eat more whole grains. In fact, as we continue our Eat Bread, Raise Dough challenge through the month of December, I am considering it my mission to raise awareness about the benefits of including more whole grains in your diet and am hoping to dispel many of the myths associated with carbs. So here goes...


Myth #1: Carbs are bad. NO NO NO NO NO...Let me make this point very clear...there are GOOD carbs and BAD carbs...and they are at the 2 opposite ends of the spectrum of healthy eating. GOOD carbs like whole grain breads and cereals, fruits and vegetables should be 50-60% of your diet. They are loaded with nutrients, they have a myriad of health benefits and they fill us up. BAD carbs like white bread, white rice, white pastas, and sugary laden desserts are considered empty calories. They are void of fiber, impart no health benefits, and have no nutritive value...kind of like eating cardboard! They also wreak havoc on our blood sugar causing it to spike and drop which not only zaps us of energy BUT also puts more of what we eat into our fat stores!! 
Myth #2: It's easy to overeat carbs. The truth here is both yes and no. Most individuals struggling with portion control are overeating carbs but, once again, it's the bad carbs. When we make a conscious effort to switch from the white bread to the whole wheat bread, the fiber actually expands in our stomach 8 fold...little receptors in the lining of our stomachs send a message to our brains saying, “I'm FULL.” And, while our conscious brain can override this message, it significantly decreases the likelihood that we will overeat. In general, the sooner you feel full, the sooner you stop eating. In fact individuals who eat the recommended 25-30 grams of fiber per day consume on an average 25% fewer calories than the average American who only consumes ½ that amount. 


So here's your challenge: 
Simply start to replace your “bad” carbs with “good” carbs. Choose brown rice instead of white rice. Pick up a loaf of great harvest bread from the front desk on Saturday mornings and use it for your breakfast toast and/or your afternoon sandwich. Seek out pizza places with whole grain crusts (Buddy's, Bennitos, Epic, Picassos). Ladle your spaghetti sauce over whole wheat pasta instead of white. Purchase crackers like Triscuits that have at least 3 grams of dietary fiber per serving instead of gluten free crackers which are often void of fiber. 
Perhaps consider adding up your fiber intake for one day. Dietary fiber is listed on the side of your breads, cereals, crackers & pastas and as a rule of thumb a small piece of fruit or a ½ cup of vegetables have approximately 3 g of fiber per serving. (Dairy, eggs, meat, fish are not sources of fiber so you don't have to worry about tallying fiber for these food groups.) See where you are at compared to the average American who eats 12 grams of fiber a day and then vow to be anything but average as you begin to add in more fiber to your diet by including more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. The American Dietetic recommendation is 25-30 grams of fiber per day. 
I thank you in advance for allowing me to share this information with you and hope that you will, in turn, share what you have learned with others. I am on a mission to spread the truth about educate those around me about their health benefits as well as the fact that you truly can...EAT BREAD to LOSE WEIGHT!!!  

Andrea's Antics November 22, 2017

andrea oct mid antics

This time of year with the approaching of Thanksgiving, we are reminded to stop…pause…and consider all that we have to be grateful for. The simple act of counting our blessings actually changes our brain chemistry…not only making us more content, but actually making our brains healthier as well. Of course for many found at the top of that gratitude list are our family and friends. We all appreciate being surrounded by people who love and support us but you might be interested to know that the more positive connections we have in our lives (spouses, kids, friends, pets…) the happier and healthier our brains are as well. 

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Andrea's Antics November 7, 2017


eat bread raise dough

The other day I was sitting in my office working and I overheard 2 students chatting...Student one said, “Did you know that there are over 30 grams of carbohydrates in a banana??” Student two replied, "I just heard that tomatoes are high in carbs!!” I did everything I could not to jump out of my seat and set them straight BUT, I contained myself and decided instead to make this month's Body's Blast board be, in part, an education on the value of GOOD CARBS!! And assure you that you CAN EAT Bananas, Tomatoes & even whole grain breads!!  

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Andrea's Antics October 24th, 2017

7 dimensions of wellness graphic
Chris and I were recently in San Diego at a business conference primarily attended by other health and wellness businesses, 1400 bodies to be exact...lots of great energy and a blast to be a part of!!! 
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Andrea's Antics October 10, 2017

As I drive back from a trip in the upper peninsula, I’m awed by the change in the color of the leaves even in just a couple of days time!! It made for beautiful scenery as we 4 wheeled along the trails as well!! 
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Andrea's Antics, September 28th, 2017

andrea headshot15
First of all you need to know that I am truly a massage junkie!!  I love everything about getting a massage…the chill time…the fact that its so good for my muscles and connective tissue AND of course because it feels SO good. Massage therapists are always amazed by how fast I dive under those covers and am ready to be rubbed!! 
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Andrea's Antics, September 13, 2017

Side plank
Two of my favorite things start a day apart from each other...BL's Yoga Teacher Training kicks off on the 17th, and the next season of Dancing with the Stars on the 18th. Now I know you must be thinking that there couldn't possibly be a correlation between these 2 exciting events, but I will beg to differ!!! Read More

Andrea's Antics, August 30 2017

avb meditate_copy
I’m sure many of you would agree with me that if you were asked to sum up Body Language in one word you may say “community”! We work really hard to foster an environment where students and staff alike feel connected and welcome. In fact, when designing our space for our recent remodel, we even created a common ground we call the “Link” intended to offer students and staff a place to link or connect, to hang out and chat and get to know one another.Read More

Andrea's Antics, August 2, 2017


I just got back from a girlfriend trip and as part of our adventures we went “mucking.”  I know, I hear you… what the heck is mucking, it sounds terrible, and why would anyone electively do it??  Well the pictures pretty much tell all…you strap on tall plastic boots (that we actually purchased just for this adventure) and walk in the mud.  Read More

Andrea's Antics July 23, 2017

summer shake up antics

As I sit down to write these antics I can’t believe we are already more than ½ way through July… and am hoping that you, like me, are taking every opportunity to soak up every minute of this amazing but short lived Michigan summer!!   That being said, we are entering our last month of our Summer Challenge… I’m playing right along with you and have to say that it has been truly a challenge to get 20 different teachers in!!  I’m getting close (just 5 more to go), but fully aware that I’m going to have to really “shake up” my schedule in order to get those last 5 in.  Read More






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