Andrea's Antics February 1, 2017


Those of you who have gotten to know me over the past 20 years know that one of my favorite things in life is dancing. As a young child I took tap, jazz, ballet and acrobatic classes...pretty much any type of dance class my mom would be willing to enroll me in!! In junior high school and high school I continued my love for dance as a cheerleader in ½ time performances and pom pom routines. And then here I am today getting to teach Zumba as part of my "job" which I absolutely love!! My husband Dave has often been heard to say throughout our 35 years of marriage that as soon as Ange (that would be me) makes her way to the dance floor her face lights up and she has an ear to ear smile on her face (well actually he might describe it as a Sh%# eating grin)!! But whatever...
So last weekend a group of girlfriends ventured over to Windsor to see Dancing with the Stars on Tour. Many in this group had been watching DWTS every Monday night so we were super geeked to see the professionals live and they didn't was a fabulous performance!! Afterwards my girlfriends and I made our way to the hotel bar which was busting out its own jams and we all started busting out our own moves on the dance floor. At one point I remember just pausing (oh no my feet and arms were still moving)...but just pausing mentally to take in the scene. All 8 of us ladies with different bodies...different ages...and for sure different definitions of what it means to "dance" but for sure all moving, smiling and having a great time!!
Monday night I had the opportunity to sub for Jamie for mini vin and I shared the above visual. I suggested to the students that when we move our bodies in yoga it is really just another way to dance. Moving to our own rhythms...feeling the music and our breath in our bodies and responding to it in our own ways. I even suggested they pause in chair to close their eyes, move their hips and just feel the music. Yoga teaches us to listen to ourselves, to slow down and pay closer attention. When we put our energy into doing this we connect with our own inner rhythm. Its not important that we look like anyone around us or that we move at the same pace or cadence. What's important is that we are taking the time to tap into our own rhythm and then that we are trusting this insight to navigate through our own lives!
So whether you share my affinity for actually dancing or not, my message to you is that you can look at dance as simply a moving opportunity to connect with yourself, your intuition and your own rhythm...oh and never forget...There's always a reason to dance!!






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