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Andrea's Antics, April 25 2017

andrea oct mid antics
If any of you have been in one of my yoga classes in the past month, you have undoubtedly heard me talking about a seminar Chris and I recently attended called "Mastering the 16 key habits of emotionally resilient people." The presentation started with the statement that you can't be stressed and happy at the same time. You choose one or the other by choosing your thoughts. Whether we choose to resist things we can not change, or to go with them, determines our happiness. The presenter went on to share with us that the average person only uses his/her conscious brain 5% of the time and the rest of the time we are reverting to old habit patterns and previous experiences. By training our minds to be more present and to make more conscious decisions we are more in control of our own happiness!!
This Friday I am teaching a yin and meditation class that will focus on surrendering. We will spend an hour in yin postures that focus on surrendering physically and when we learn to relax our bodies our brains are more likely to follow. Physically the yin practice also targets our connective tissue which often becomes rigid and brittle with time and neglect. Often students will leave yin classes feeling way bendier and even taller as the poses restore range of motion and prevent injury!!
The one hour of yin will be followed by a ½ hour of meditation, focused on looking inside of ourselves and becoming more insightful. The benefits of mediation are countless but learning to become better listeners to ourselves can have a positive impact on every system of our body.
So this Friday, April 28th 630-8 pm...Yin & Meditation...would love to meet you on your mat!!*

*Please bring your yoga mat and your yoga cushion or a blanket. Note that mats, blankets, and cushions will be offered at 20% off for all participants.


Andrea's Antics April 11, 2017

andrea head shot

Well the day of our big 20 year anniversary celebration is fast approaching!! The plans are coming together and just to give you a little sneak peek we will be celebrating in the morning of Saturday, May 20th with 20 minute sample yoga and fitness classes as well as breakfast munchies and mimosas! Then, in the evening, we will be coming back to dance to the music of the 90's (since BL was established in 1997) and there will be several drawings for great BL gift baskets as well as give aways from local vendors (raffle tickets will be attained by attending morning events).
Read More

Andrea's Antics March 15, 2017

andrea oct mid antics
So for Christmas my kids got me a Fitbit. I didn't ask for it and frankly wasn't sure I really needed it. Being a pretty active person, what value was this gadget around my wrist really going to have for me?? But I have to say I was shocked to find out that as active as I am, how hard it is to get in my 10,000 steps unless I get a workout every day!!!Read More

Andrea's Antics March 1, 2017

avb meditate

I wanted to bring to your attention the new guidelines released by the American College of Physicians for doctors as it relates to managing back pain.  These guidelines have been all over the news and social media so maybe you're already familiar with the findings but to many of us they come as no surprise. Read More


Andrea's Antics February 13, 2017

I have talked to so many people over the last couple of weeks who are on the fence of joining our Better Backs Teacher Training, so if you're one of them I just wanted to take a moment to encourage you to take the leap. Read More


Andrea's Antics February 1, 2017


Those of you who have gotten to know me over the past 20 years know that one of my favorite things in life is dancing. As a young child I took tap, jazz, ballet and acrobatic classes...pretty much any type of dance class my mom would be willing to enroll me in!! In junior high school and high school I continued my love for dance as a cheerleader in ½ time performances and pom pom routines. And then here I am today getting to teach Zumba as part of my "job" which I absolutely love!!Read More


Andrea's Antics, January 18 2017

Dave and Andrea
So if you haven't figured out already we are pretty geeked about celebrating 20 years in business and you will likely hear lots about it over the next few months!! Hopefully you have your calendar marked for our big celebration on May 20th but to lead up to this day we are doing a mini celebration each month with the next one being Wednesday February 15th. Read More


Andrea's Antics January 5th, 2016

andrea welcom

New Year...New You!!
Now with the craziness of the holidays behind us, perhaps it's time for some re-grouping. The holidays tend to offer ample opportunities to look "outside"...whether it's giving to a friend in need, our favorite charity, or just giving of our precious time by sharing the holidays with friends and family. Read More


Brie's Antics

brieAfter the hustle-bustle of the holiday season comes a season of reflection & goal-setting. Can you guess what 69% of all New Years resolutions revolve around? Getting healthy or losing weight. SIXTY NINE PERCENT! Sadly, the vast majority of NY resolutions fail, & fail quickly. How can we make sure that our fitness resolutions last, you ask? Come to classes that are enjoyable to you, make your healthy food tasty, and BRING A BUDDY!.Read More


Andrea's Antics December 8, 2016

andrea aug 31
A couple of months ago, Chris and I had the chance to hear Deepak Chopra speak as key note speaker for a business conference we attended in California. It was a very interesting presentation but the take home message that lodged itself in my brain was the following: Deepak said that 85% of all medications dispensed in United States are for the 5 conditions that are outlined by the acronym PANIC! Pain...Anxiety...Nausea...Insomnia...Constipation!! Read More

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