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Andrea's Antics, September 28th, 2017

andrea headshot15
First of all you need to know that I am truly a massage junkie!!  I love everything about getting a massage…the chill time…the fact that its so good for my muscles and connective tissue AND of course because it feels SO good. Massage therapists are always amazed by how fast I dive under those covers and am ready to be rubbed!! 

So you might be surprised to know this hasn’t always been the case!! In fact, Dave treated me to my first massage probably 20 years ago…just about the time I purchasedBody Language and I remember telling him afterwards that I thought everything either hurt or tickled. Ha!! Little did I know that it was because I was so uptight and tense that I really couldn’t relax enough to enjoy the massage. Well, yoga has taught me a lot over the past few years, not the least of which is that not only is it valuable for us to find ways to relax, but it is imperative to our physical and mental health. 

That being said…we are going to make it easier for you to enjoy the benefits of massage. 

*We have 4 wonderful massage therapists…I had the awesome job of interviewing them and they ALL ROCK!! Gabriella, Sarah, Jim & Misty …all with their own fortes and styles of massage. 

*We are sanctioning October as Massage Month at Body Language so if you buy a massage during the month of October you will receive $20 off an hour or an hour and a half massage. The massage just needs to be booked and received before the end of the year and is limited to one per person.  

*This specially priced massage can be purchased in person at the desk or call us at 248-360-5350.

So whether you are new to massage…(c’mon IT'S TIME)… or whether you are like me and already treat yourself regularly…October is your lucky month. Just giving you more reasons to enjoy the many, many gifts of massage!

Andrea's Antics, September 13, 2017

Side plank
Two of my favorite things start a day apart from each other...BL's Yoga Teacher Training kicks off on the 17th, and the next season of Dancing with the Stars on the 18th. Now I know you must be thinking that there couldn't possibly be a correlation between these 2 exciting events, but I will beg to differ!!! Read More

Andrea's Antics, August 30 2017

avb meditate_copy
I’m sure many of you would agree with me that if you were asked to sum up Body Language in one word you may say “community”! We work really hard to foster an environment where students and staff alike feel connected and welcome. In fact, when designing our space for our recent remodel, we even created a common ground we call the “Link” intended to offer students and staff a place to link or connect, to hang out and chat and get to know one another.Read More

Andrea's Antics, August 2, 2017


I just got back from a girlfriend trip and as part of our adventures we went “mucking.”  I know, I hear you… what the heck is mucking, it sounds terrible, and why would anyone electively do it??  Well the pictures pretty much tell all…you strap on tall plastic boots (that we actually purchased just for this adventure) and walk in the mud.  Read More

Andrea's Antics July 23, 2017

summer shake up antics

As I sit down to write these antics I can’t believe we are already more than ½ way through July… and am hoping that you, like me, are taking every opportunity to soak up every minute of this amazing but short lived Michigan summer!!   That being said, we are entering our last month of our Summer Challenge… I’m playing right along with you and have to say that it has been truly a challenge to get 20 different teachers in!!  I’m getting close (just 5 more to go), but fully aware that I’m going to have to really “shake up” my schedule in order to get those last 5 in.  Read More

Andrea's Antics July 7 2017

andrea forearm pose

So I'm working on a nutrition presentation for the Barefoot Festival the last weekend of July!!  I know many of you have enjoyed taking classes from the amazing teacher, Beth James, who has taught yoga at Body Language from time to time over the past several years.   Well, she is the one hosting this event.  You can check out the link below to learn more - it's a fabulous weekend and right here in our own back yard!  Many teachers from BL are among those leading classes and, at 2:00 on Sunday the 30th, Read More

Andrea's Antics June 24 2017

andrea splits
Believe it or not, there is usually a method to our madness!!  So when we came up with the Summer Challenge it was based on the fact that a lot of our students fall off or even disappear over the summer months.  We all know that summer months are fleeting and full of all sorts of distractions but then come Fall we see you guys back in class and on your mats all discouraged about losing strength, flexibility and often gaining a few pounds!!   Read More

Andrea's Antics June 6, 2017

boss handstands
As we all know sometimes we are moving forward on what we think is this perfect plan…let’s call it Plan A, and then all of a sudden Plan A is no longer an option.  So, we can stomp our feet and pout and throw a fit OR we can move to Plan B!! Ok so…Chris and I had the summer schedule all thought through, drawn up, and sent out to all of you, known as Plan A, BUT, as of yesterday, we had to do a bit of shuffling and re-adjusting and move to Plan B. Regretfully, Plan B involves temporarily cancelling our cardio drumming classes due to an instructor conflict, but know that we are on the lookout for other instructors to bring back this popular class asap!!  

Read More

Andrea's Antics, May 24, 2017

dancing queens

Wow!!! What an awesome 20 year celebration we had this past Saturday!!  The energy in the morning was over the top as students were excited to try out a handful of 20 minute sample classes!! Chris and I had a riot leading nearly 50 of you thru some fun zumba songs in our hard to forget 90's outfits!!! And then the evening was a blast as well!!! Great turnout...yummy food and the dance floor was packed as students and staff busted out their favorite 90's dance moves!!  Again some never to be forgotten!!!  The whole day really embodied our BL tag line of WORK...SWEAT...PLAY!!!  Was a blast!   A huge thank you to everyone who's hard work made this day possible and thank you to each and every student who supported us over the past 20 years!!    
Read More

Andrea's Antics May 10, 2017

andrea aug 31
We are super excited about our upcoming celebration on Saturday, May 20th.  We have set aside the day to celebrate YOU, our loyal students.  The entire day is meant to be a THANK YOU for the support you have shown us over the past 20 years, and whether you have just found your way to Body or have been with us the entire 20 years we would love to have you join us!!
I purchased Body Language back in 1997.   At the time, we had 3 teachers, one store front, 17 classes/week and 90 clients in a rolodex!!  Today we are proud to say that we have over 60 on staff, have taken over 4 store fronts, have 87 classes/week as well as 100 plus workshops per year, and thousands of students!!   Woo hoo!!!   Read More






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