Andrea's Antics December 9, 2014

Recently I heard the saying..."Make your Mess your Message." Of course the context it was offered in was that the tragedy isn't the mess itself but rather in not using your mess to make your life and/or someone else's life better. Well I'm going to suggest that moving into the New Year that you, our wonderfully bendy students, see our mess at Body Language as an opportunity that we are taking to greatly better your Body Language experience. As many of you are already aware we are making many changes to our Body Language facility to create more space for you to connect with one another...more space to move to and from class...get your shoes on and off...or sit and share a cup of coffee with a friend. We will have lockers available to better secure your belongings. We are also taking steps to better your yoga and massage experience by adding sound proofing to the rooms AND our fitness students will be thrilled to know that the carpet is being pulled up and we are installing a floating hard wood floor!!!
Well my message to you today is that it probably goes without saying that these improvements all come with a bit of mess but it is our hope that you can all see beyond the short term mess - abbreviated schedules and potential inconvenience - to the long term benefits these improvements will offer all of you for years to come.
 Stay tuned for more details but just to give you a heads up...effective January 5th-8th we will be temporarily offering an abbreviated fitness and yoga schedule just down the road at Matter of Taste and then January 9th-11th we will move back to Body Language and have an abbreviated schedule for fitness and yoga in the yoga room. In fact Saturday, January 10th we are having a Build Out Bonanza with 20 minute yoga and fitness classes being offered all morning from 8-12 with refreshments available between classes. Then the plan is to have the fitness room open for business on Monday January 12th! This is the plan and it goes without saying that it is based on everything going AS planned which we all know rarely happens so bare with us...put your bendy hats on BUT be prepared for a bigger and better Body Language experience soon.






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