Andrea's Antics, May 28th, 2015

four wheeling top   Just returning from an amazing 4 wheeling trip up in the U.P.  If you've been reading these antics over the past few years you've undoubtedly heard about these adventures as they always end up being one of the highlights of my year!  This year there were a record number of 14 of us navigating our way around the windy and bumpy trails and after 4 days of riding we had nearly 350 miles under our belts.  Although we took lots of breaks along the trails to hang out with this awesome group of friends, we also had a lot of alone time as we rode along from one place to the next. And even though some of you may have a hard time grasping this, this time alone can actually be quite meditative.  So as I'm doing my best to navigate over bumps, around sharp corners, and through ruts and puddles it occurs to me this journey on our 4 wheelers is not unlike our journey in life.  We do our best to avoid the bumps and ruts but sometimes they are just not to be avoided.  Then it's a matter of how we deal or react.  Some of us overreact slam on the brakes or allow every bump to throw us.  Others of us do our best to ride the bump or deal with the muddy water that drenches us along the way and keep moving forward.  Some of us spend SO much time focusing on the bumps and ruts that we neglect to notice the beautiful view along the way.  Perhaps, as was our case, the beautiful view is literally the tree lined paths that we drove through but consider that on a daily basis the beautiful view may just be all the people and things in our life that we have to be grateful for.  And then sometimes you simply just get stuck in the I did, and you need to swallow your pride and allow your friends or loved ones to help pull you out.  

So perhaps my meditative thoughts on my 4 wheeler can serve as a few lessons for all of take a moment to be mindful of how we are navigating around and over the bumps in our give ourselves permission to accept help from others from time to time...and to make sure as we do so that we are taking time to enjoy the view!! 

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