Andrea's Antics August 27th

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 As we head into the end of August maybe you, like me, are reluctant to let go of the warmth of summer.  But once we accept the inevitable, that fall is just around the corner, we can start to embrace the fact that in every change comes the potential for trying something new or shaking it up a bit.  We tend to think of the season changes as a time of transformation...we see it in the changing of the leaves...we feel it as the warm summer air turns to crisp fall air. So in keeping with the theme of changing it up a bit this Fall Body Language is offering you a chance to transform your yoga practice.  Every Spring we offer the Better Backs portion of our teacher training program and upon completion of the Spring Better Backs training and the Fall Ashtanga/Vinyasa training participants will have completed 200 hours of training.  These hours consist of lecture, hands on training, reading, practicing and assisting, thereby satisfy the requirements to be RYT 200 certified, Registered Yoga Teacher through the nationally recognized Yoga Alliance.
BUT my message to you today extends beyond those aspiring to be yoga teachers and is also directed toward maybe a handful of you who would like to broaden your understanding of yoga and to deepen your yoga practice.  The training will expand your knowledge of the history of yoga as well as some of the sutras or guidelines that formulate yoga and how they can be applied to our lives. We delve deeper physically into anatomy and alignment so that you can have a better feel for the true essence intended in every posture or asana.  We explore the breath in more detail and we cover the mind body connections that yoga makes in terms of managing stress, chronic pain and weight management.
So as you are letting go of Summer and welcoming in this new season, maybe it inspires you to consider a change in your yoga practice as well.  Let 2015 be the year to leave behind the old habits and ways of thinking that no longer serve you or move you in a positive direction and open yourself up to learning something new.  It could offer not only your yoga practice but YOU as well and opportunity to be TRANSFORMED!! 
Teacher Training kick off is Sunday, September 27th, from 1-3 and the program runs through Sunday, November 21st.  Training sessions are primarily Saturday and Sunday afternoons but for more details you can check out our website, grab a brochure from our lobby, or feel free to contact me directly at  I would be glad to answer any questions you might have and would love to have you join us!!






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