Andrea's Antics December 29, 2015

New Year...New You!!    andrea welcom

Now with the craziness of the holidays almost behind us perhaps its time for some re-grouping.  So in my last antics I mentioned that we are constantly challenged with finding that balance between looking outside of us by serving those around us and looking inside of ourselves to make sure our own needs are being met as well.   The holidays tend to offer us ample opportunities to look "outside"...whether its giving to a friend in need, our favorite charity, or just giving of our precious time by sharing the holidays with friends and family.  But now with the New Year approaching it feels like its time to look back "inside."  I had conversations with many of you in the Link this morning after I taught Zumba and the chatter was overwhelmingly consistent with this message.  I chatted with one gal who said as a strictly fitness enthusiast she is tired of her chronic back pain and tightness and is finally seriously considered a walk to the "dark side" to start weaving in some yoga.  I talked to another student who LOVES her better backs yoga and the comfort of that environment but is totally intimidated by the mirrors and brightness of the fitness room, but she's so frustrated with the pounds creeping around her waistline that she has decided that 2016 is the year to mix it up and add in some weights and cardio.  Another student was asking me about Yoga Teacher Training that we offer every year and just expressed a need to take her yoga practice to that next level!  
The message to all of us as we move into 2016 is to take time for YOU!  Its time to take a deep breath... pat yourself on the back for surviving another holiday season and then to look forward into 2016 and figure out what it is you need to make it your best year ever.  Maybe it is simply getting out of your comfort zone to try a class you've never tried before... maybe it's joining us for our Girls Night on January 22nd to make some new friends (or EVEN VOLUNTEER TO BE ONE OF OUR 4 MAKE-OVERS!)...maybe its looking into our Yoga Teacher Training to deepen your yoga practice...or maybe it's simply challenging yourself to show up to ANY class at least every other day!! 
Let 2016 be the year to prioritize and work on YOU...and know that in doing so you end up giving a gift to everyone else around you as well as you will be happier, have more energy and just more fun to be around!! 
Cheers to a New Year and a New YOU!!






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