Andrea's Antics, June 15, 2016

andrea welcomSo it's been really fun hanging out in The Link these past couple of Saturdays and listening to the chatter between students who are coming in and out of a class that they have tried for the first time. The overall energy of most students going into a new class is a little excitement about trying something new mixed with an equal dose of fear of the unknown. Or sometimes the fear seems to be more associated with the student questioning whether they were physically fit enough to do the class. BUT what's been really amazing to witness is that hands down the students coming out of class are giddy with excitement...they had a blast trying something new and are excited about their sense of accomplishment! On our yoga mats we practice getting out of our comfort zones...of going to a place in a posture that's a little edgy...and we realize that this is where change and growth takes place both physically and emotionally. So Body is offering all our students several ways to shake it up and try something new this summer...1) Another shake it up Saturday this Saturday, June 18th...different classes offered at the usual times on both the fitness and the yoga side 2) Shake it Up Summer Challenge...20 different teachers between June 4th and September 4th...just $10 to play and you are entered into a drawing for a massage and win a cool new BL water way to stay on track this summer (you can sign up until June 30th and count all classes attended since June 4th) and 3) stay tuned for our Summer Schedule being launched Monday June 20th....several new classes to allow you to try something new and Shake up your Summer. Love that so many of you have joined our Summer Challenge...but would love to see a few more of you who need to get out of your comfort zone sign up to play...don't let fear hold you back...your brain and your body will thank you for Shaking things up this Summer!!! See you for a mimosa at Body this Saturday!! Cheers to a great Summer!!!






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