Andrea's Antics August 16, 2017

august antics   As you read these words, picture me sitting in a swinging chair overlooking Lake fact the only thing separating me from this vast body of water is about 6 feet of sand. Our family has vacationed here at this family camp in Arcadia Michigan on and off for the past 3 decades. In addition to the family time, it's the beautiful setting of Camp Arcadia that

keeps us coming back. The blue water of Lake Michigan, the tall trees that shade us, and the awesome sunsets that end the day all make this place a pretty amazing venue to relax and reconnect. But, as I'm writing this, it becomes apparent to me that although you may be able to picture this setting through my words, you are unlikely to be able to truly experience the emotions this setting evokes in me for yourself. In much the same way we can liken this to yoga. We can tell others about yoga, but until they experience it, they really can't grasp and receive the many gifts of yoga for themselves. So Body Language has in place a couple of opportunities for you to share your yoga experience with others. 1) I'm offering a free workshop on Saturday, September 17th at 11:00am called Yoga 101. It's designed to make your friend or spouse feel more comfortable about trying yoga, plus a little bit about what yoga is...a chance to practice the breath...some logistics and a few common postures...just enough to get someone started. And 2) September 18th I launch my next Yoga Teacher Training Program. This is an opportunity for you to truly immerse yourself in yoga and to deepen both your understanding and experience of yoga. It may also end up being a way for you to share the gifts you have enjoyed from your yoga practice with others. It's a big commitment. In fact, all said and done, upon completion of this program you will have 200 hours of a deeper yoga experience under your belt. The training involves reading, lecture, hands on practice and observation. The students who have completed this program have expressed that this immersion in yoga was one of the best gifts they have ever given themselves. They have shared with me and others that this training has not only transformed their yoga practices but their lives as well. So maybe it's attending or inviting a friend to Yoga 101 or maybe its time to jump in with both feet and sign up for our yoga teacher training.
Early bird special ends September 1st!! Would love to share this experience with YOU!!!






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