Andrea's Antics, October 11, 2016

backpackingChris and I are just getting back from an adventure that started with hiking in Mount Zion Utah and then ended at a business conference in Hollywood. One of the keynote speakers was Jillian Michaels who was a trainer on the reality show "The Biggest Loser". She delivered an awesome message about how we, as fitness professionals, can inspire others to look and feel their best or to try something new that scares them. What really stuck with me from her message was that there are truly just 3 scenarios when any one of us is trying to work through our fears to accomplish something. Maybe it's trying to lose weight or work out more... maybe it's a new opportunity in your career or maybe, as Chris and I experienced, it's hiking the hugely mentally and physically challenging - Angels Trail in Mount Zion. So my point is that these 3 scenarios can be applied to any area of your life that perhaps fear is holding you back from. 1) You take on the challenge and you succeed!!! You lose the get the new make it to the top of the mountain!! Yippee!! All's well and your life is bettered by your accomplishment. 2) You take on the challenge and you fail. You don't lose all the weight you wanted to...someone else gets the job...or you get 1/2 way up the mountain and turn around. Jillian says 95 percent of all failures are recoverable (ok, so if Chris or I would have fallen off the 1200 foot drop off we may not have recovered...there's the 5 percent) but for the most part we learn from our failures. Maybe a different door opens to even a better opportunity presents itself or maybe you just got stronger or smarter by trying something new. 3) The 3rd scenario is that you do nothing. This may, in fact, be the way most of us deal with something the scares us. We just avoid it. Jillian shared that although we may think that by doing nothing nothing changes, the truth is that by doing nothing we move backwards. We get fatter and our health deteriorates. We become stuck in a rut...we don't learn anything new so everyone around us keeps up with new technology...
learning and growing... while we get left behind.
hikingOr we never get to see the view at the top of Angels Landing (click here). So the lesson for me and I'm hoping for you is that it's not an option to just stay the same... or to coast... there is no such thing... it's imperative that we continue to grow by moving out of our comfort zones and trying new things... things that scare us and challenge us. In the end we will either succeed or get stronger by trying. Maybe its time for you to take the leap... Don't let fear keep you from climbing YOUR mountain!






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