Andrea's Antics December 8, 2016

andrea aug 31
A couple of months ago, Chris and I had the chance to hear Deepak Chopra speak as key note speaker for a business conference we attended in California. It was a very interesting presentation but the take home message that lodged itself in my brain was the following: Deepak said that 85% of all medications dispensed in United States are for the 5 conditions that are outlined by the acronym PANIC! Pain...Anxiety...Nausea...Insomnia...Constipation!! Probably not a huge surprise to any of us but what was really impressive to me was his statement that MEDITATION alleviates or at the very least lessens all these conditions commonly treated by drugs. Wow!!!...think about it, instead of popping pills we could sit on cute meditation cushions and focus on our breath and get the same results without the side effects!! And as a huge added bonus meditation makes us happier. The How of Happiness book that we have at Body Language has a whole chapter on the power of meditation. It presents an avalanche of studies that have shown that mediation has multiple positive effects not only on a person's happiness but on their ability to manage stress, their brain function, chronic pain, depression, heart disease, substance abuse and even immune function.
Although all yoga classes include an element of mediation, we offer two 45 minute pure mediation classes per week right here at Body...Tuesday and Thursday @ 12 noon. In fact, I'm subbing for a couple of these on December 15th and 22nd and would love to have you join me. If you don't have a mediation cushion you can pick up one at Body or you can just roll up a blanket to sit on.
In closing, I ran across a quote that my friend Alan shared on Facebook the other day that does a great job of summing up the experience of meditation: "To learn to mediate, you have to be silent, and not to be afraid of silence...We don't have to create silence. The silence is there, within you. What we have to do is to enter into it, to become silent, to become the silence. The challenge of meditation is to allow ourselves to become silent enough to allow this interior silence to emerge. Silence is the language of the spirit. The language of the spirit is love. And the purpose of meditation is to be in the presence of love, the love that casts out all fear." Fr. John Main, OSB
Why not make today the day to begin to heal yourself and find some inner peace along the way by starting a mediation practice. Hope to see you on your cushion!!






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