Andrea's Antics, January 18 2017

Dave and Andrea
So if you haven't figured out already we are pretty geeked about celebrating 20 years in business and you will likely hear lots about it over the next few months!! Hopefully you have your calendar marked for our big celebration on May 20th but to lead up to this day we are doing a mini celebration each month with the next one being Wednesday February 15th. Chris has put together a picture slide show from the last 20 years which we will start playing at 630 pm and then at 7 pm we will share the video tribute that my daughter, Briana compiled for us! Such a feel good for Chris and I and such heartfelt messages from so many friends and family!! You won't want to miss it!! Oh, and of course, keeping in BL style we will keep you hydrated as we toast to our 20 years!! Hope you can join us!!

As some of you know, if you have ever taken my husband Dave's yoga class Tuesdays at 11 am, he has made it a habit of writing a poem which is always based on a theme and something going on in his life. So this week his poem was not only a tribute to our 20 years in business but also offers you a little insight into his perspective on how I came about owning Body Language. Thank you Dave for this tribute...and thank you each and every one of you for being part of our BL below and ENJOY!!

Yoga poem for 1-17-17
20th anniversary tribute

20 years ago our kids were finally in school all day,
So no more nursing or dirty diapers on display,
I was working at Dow Chemical which was fine
And Andrea, trying to figure out what to do with her newfound time.
She'd put the kids on the bus after packing the lunches
And tried "Room Mom" at school doing crafts and snacks by the bunches
But the other room mom's wanted the head room mom job
To direct which projects would be best for the little mob
So andrea came home and said this is no longer for me,
Crafts, reading stories and creative snacks oh gees
She did it with a smile for a while but finally said
"If I have to do this one more day, just shoot me in the head"
You see it really wasn't her thing, she was bored out of her skull
What should I do next, Betty homemaker is getting dull
And then the gal that owned Body Language at the time,
Said she was selling the business, that was the bottom line.
I told Andrea to BUY it, give it a try
You like teaching fitness, that's no lie.
But she was nervous about the challenge of running her own place,
The commitment, the risk, paying the rent for the space.
And what about hiring and firing and the weird landlord
And getting new equipment we really couldn't afford
I said JUST DO IT! It will all work out.
You are a talented woman and quite driven, no doubt.
So we got the money and did the deal.
And shortly thereafter it finally felt real.
She always has had her STUDENTS in mind,
The very best instructors, managers and sitters she'd find.
Was it easy? Heck no, there were problems along the way,
Challenges that would keep most people at bay,
All the leaky roofs and toilets and computer glitches,
Instructors calling with sick kids or their cars in the ditches,
And hundreds of other bad unexpected surprises,
But then the next day she always rises
For even with all of the bumps in the road,
The rewards have outweighed the heavy load.
For when students come up to her with tears in their eyes
and say "you changed my life", that's the kind of surprise
The makes this journey for her so very worthwhile.
She'll give them a hug and a friendly smile.
And that gives her the strength and the motivation,
To develop a new yoga class or fitness sensation
In fact this yoga program voted Detroit area's best
For ten years straight, you know the rest.
Through several expansions she has grown at a fast pace,
Grown the programs and offerings and clients at this place.
My hat also goes off to you students today,
Who carved out the time to contribute in the most important way,
To the success of this community you have helped to form
You come out in the sun, the snow and the storm
To improve your bodies and minds, healthier people you'll be.
So sometime this year, join in a toast with me.
To Andrea and Chris and the rest of the staff,
And especially to you, let's have a toast and a laugh!






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