Fitness & Yoga Class Descriptions at Body Language Fitness & Yoga Center in Commerce, MI

Yoga and Fitness Class Descriptions

Fitness Classes


Build strength, endurance, power and coordination with a wide variety of classes!  All of our fitness classes are 55 minutes. 

Fitness Classes are appropriate for 12 yrs and older

Power Pilates: 

Through precision and control you will lengthen and strengthen head to toe. *Shoes Optional

Body Blast:

A fun, challenging, full body workout with cardio and strength training.

Power Barre:

Adding a little more intensity and cardio to our barre class. *Shoes Optional

Chisel and Sculpt: 

Define and strengthen using bands, balls, light weights, and the barre.

Weight Training: 

Strengthen and tone.


Using the instability of the ball to tone and strengthen core and more 

Butts and Guts:

Tone and sculpt these parts!


Training that focuses on agility, balance, mobility and visible results!


Total body workout incorporating punches, kicks, toning & abs. Sometimes adding weights or step


Kick, Build and Burn:  

Cardio to burn fat, resistance training to build muscle.


A HIIT workout driven by synced music motivation.  Gain muscular endurance, definition and and increased afterburn 

Crazy Cardio Cross Training:  

Lots of cardio to burn fat mixed in with heavy weights finishing up with core! 

Power Pump:

Basic stepping w handheld weights. Great cardio and toning.

Step Plus:

Highly choreographed moves on the bench PLUS some resistance training 

Fitness Shake Up:

Check our weekly schedule for the cardio class we are offering that day


A less intense, low impact version of our Zumba classes


Dance fitness class which incorporates Latin and international dance moves.  Our most popular fitness class!

ZUMBA Sculpt:

40 minutes of Zumba  followed by 15 minutes of resistance training.

Yoga Classes


Cope with stress, relieve tension and anxiety, feel focused and balanced.   We offer several types of yoga for every BODY!

*Appropriate for beginners

*Therapeutic Yoga: 

A restorative practice that gently stretches the body and relaxes the mind.  This class is held in the fitness room.  75°, 75 minutes

*Anusara Backs: 

An alignment based backs class.  78°, 55 minutes

*Better Backs: 

Achieve balance between body and mind with postures and breath.  78°, 55 minutes

This class is offered with different themes: 

  • Against the Wall

  • Candlelight

  • Emotional Body

  • Massage

  • Yin



Yoga breath exercises (pranayama) and meditation practices that will leave you feeling refreshed, calm, and centered.  78° , 45 minutes

Salute the Sun:

Start your weekend with variations of heat building Sun Salutations.  90°, 45 minutes.

Slow Flow Fusion: 

A less intense version of Vinyasa, combining Vinyasa flows with better backs postures.  90°/78°, 55 minutes

Slow Burn:  

A focus on holding postures to create heat and get deep into the muscle tissue. Class will be mostly guided. 90°/78° 55 minutes


A Vinyasa class with shorter flows!  90°, 60 minutes.

Vinyasa Play:

2 flows leading up to the pose of the day. 90°, 55 minutes

Power Vinyasa: 

A vigorous flow of postures connecting breath to movement.  Build strength, stamina and flexibility while promoting weight loss.  90°, 65 minutes


Vinyasa with Weights:

Deepen your poses while toning your muscles. Weights are optional. 90° 65 minutes





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