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Journal Entry 11

How are all of your journey’s going?  I hope you are enjoying the ride!  It’s been 22 weeks, or so, and I am still getting in 3 workouts of some kind each week.  Perhaps it is becoming a habit?  I hope so.  The other half of the equation, EATING, is still a challenge.  Portion control is the toughest for me.  Here’s a hint….don’t go to Dee’s in Milford for breakfast. I ordered their corned beef hash special.  Delicious! Well, it came with two eggs, whole wheat toast, a generous portion of hash, American fried potatoes, and two large sausage patties which were served on a separate plate.  I should have taken half home, but….   So anyways, today I will have sushi for lunch.  And perhaps a dinner salad tonight with chicken or salmon on it.  The eating battle continues!  So below is a poem I wrote for my Tuesday 11:00am yoga class.  It’s about the current “Instagram”/Facebook yoga pose challenge.  Hope you like it.  Continue the good fight!
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Poem for “Yoga Bloopers”
There’s a Body Language challenge going on right now,
Where members can learn “Instagram” somehow.
It’s sort of like Facebook, a social media tool,
Keeping up with change, you know the rule.
What you do each day is try a different yoga pose,
And get a picture, of course, because everyone knows,
How to take a selfie or have a friend, if they show.
So you upload your picture into Instagram then,
The manager can show you how, and when.
Then they put some of these pictures on the wall,
Of students in these poses, it’s a ball!
Some poses of tree, back bend and crow,
Can be quite funny, very silly, you know.
People doing poses with dogs in their noses,
Or next to the flower arrangement of roses.
Or babies at their feet.
Even with coworkers, how neat!
But I work mostly alone with no one around,
So I set my Iphone in a stand on the ground
And then figure out how to set the timer,
It’s not easy, I need a primer.
Ten seconds delay is the maximum setting,
That should be plenty of time, I am thinking.
To quickly run and get into my pose,
But in bakasana or crow, I fell on my nose.
And for tree balance I tried standing in my boat,
It was a little unstable, unlike a goat.
In lotus my foot cannot tuck inside my knee,
Must be my husky legs, naturally.
So I wish there was someone taking video at the time,
Striking these poses was not so sublime.
We could go on TV and show all the bloopers,
Of all of our friends posing, good yoga troopers.

Journal Entry 10

Yesterday Andrea and I had lunch with Brittany, Reid, and my grandson Landon (3 years old).  Landon offered me some Cheetos.  I dramatically told him that Cheetos are very dangerous to put in front of Papa because Papa grabs handfuls, shovels them into his mouth and his belly grows as big as Santa Claus!  Landon looked at me quite seriously and simply said, “Papa, just put one Cheeto in your mouth at a time!”  Needless to say, we all died laughing.  But what a simple and profound recommendation!  More about eating later.

So it’s been over 6 months since I began this journey.   A journey of recognizing where I am at fitness and health-wise, and a journey of improvement.  The objective and direction on the exercise side of things was to get an average of 3 workouts per week.  This I have done!  This past week included one Zumba class and 2 yoga classes, all excellent!  I am making it through the entire classes on the fitness side, and improving form along the way.  Jeans and shirts are fitting better, my wind/lung capacity is better, Blood pressure controlled around 130 (still with meds), and recently I must say sleep is slightly better, with fewer nights where I wake up at 3:30am and cannot get back to sleep.  All positives here.
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So back to eating.  I began a new thing on eating.  Each day, I take a black marker and write a “T” on my arm.  This “T” stands for “Today” (NOT Tomorrow!).  This means that Today I start eating more consciously, with more recognition of when I am “full” and fewer binge-type experiences, thus making a real effort to back off on overeating.  One day at a time.  For the most part it helps.  Two or three nights over the past two weeks after eating small dinners, I was just so hungry at night I did have some popcorn.  It is really tough for me to go to bed with a hunger sensation!  I don’t like it!  I am down only 8 pounds since beginning this journey, and over-eating seems to be the primary cause of this plateau.  Still a struggle in this area!!So do any of you have tips for me in the eating area?  Little tricks to stop putting food in my mouth at the wrong time?  I would love to hear from you about your journeys!  See you soon!

Journal Entry 9

So I hope this journal entry finds you all happy and healthy!  It has been 4 months since beginning this journey, a journey about heading in a healthy direction.  Here is where I am as of today:  Still averaging 3 workouts per week, for 16 weeks now.  Some weeks as many as 5, some 2, mostly 3.  Mostly P90X, Zumba, and yoga, with a few walks on the frozen lake, a 90 minute ashtanga, and a vinyasa thrown in for good measure and variety.  And my job has been quite a workout lately, with a bit of ladder work faux finishing 18’ high walls, hanging ceiling beams, hauling around 80 pound wood slabs and hand-made table tops, coffee tables, and  120 pound wine barrels.

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It may not seem like a significant accomplishment to many of you, but for me it is the longest sustained period of steady exercising in 30 years!  So far, the results are positive.  Improved cardio ability (I can make it through most classes), better fitting pants, and down 7 pounds.  And I am looking forward to the one-year mark to see what results I will experience.  I WILL keep up the frequency of exercise through this period.

And on the other side of the equation, EATING, I am still battling.  Mostly eating healthy choices and reasonable amounts, but occasionally binging (i.e. 5 slices of pizza the other day for dinner!).  So I need to work a bit harder on this.  How is your journey going?  I hope to see you at a workout soon!

Journal Entry 8, The day after the Super Bowl!

What’s all the hubbub about Super Bowl Sunday?
Is it the two quarterbacks, just having a fun day?
No ! it’s the party, and the FOOD, especially the food,
Everything you can imagine, all tasting so good.
For me it was the chili, with the cheddar on top,
Or maybe the nachos with guac, I couldn’t stop.
Wait…… let me say….. I stand corrected,
There was this dip, with four layers erected.
One layer was beans, another cheese,
And another sour cream, God help me please.
Yes that was the best, the best by far,
And as I waddled out to the car,
It hit me, I had gone way overboard.
The beer, libations and food, oh my Lord!
Especially the eating, oh my goodness,
Eating way past the point of fullness.
So what will I do in this stuffed, chubby state?
I will come to my yoga mat, it’s never too late.
(Dave von Behren 2-8-16)

Journal Entry 7

Here’s a bit of poetry for you:
I’m squeezing in some exercise
Starting to finally realize
That once the shoes and shorts are on
The hour doesn’t seem that long

 Hello to all of you taking the time to read this entry!  It’s been 14 weeks or so.  Exercising 3 times per week, on average!  This past week, two Zumba classes (Melinda’s and Andrea/Chris) and an invigorating hike around the main lake.  Granted, 14 weeks is not a long time in the big scheme of things, but I do have some observations so far:  I feel stronger.  Stronger tighter abdominals, stronger arms, stronger BACK!  I used to have a bit of a stiff back in the morning.  Now I wake up ready to go!  Not as much soreness the day after workouts either.  I had to install some 16’ rustic ceiling beams I made for a client (see the picture!).  Herb (yes, as in “Herbalicious”) helped me with the installation.  It was an 8 hour project, involving a lot of overhead holding of these beams during installation.  I noticed that Herb is very strong!  He used his head, shoulders, arms and core to support the beam while I screwed it to support structure.  His strong Yoga practice served him well!  I admire you Herb!
  1. My cardiovascular system is improving.  I used to get winded hauling equipment up 13 stairs to my workshop facility.  I don’t notice this as much.  I am taking fewer breaks in fitness classes.  Endurance is slowly improving!

  2. Flexibility- my shoulders are generally quite inflexible.  But I can now interlock my hands behind my back, which I could not do 3 months ago.  Slow but sure.

  3. Look at the picture of my shadow on the lake on a hike last Sunday.  I think my legs are getting longer!  (attempt at humor)

  4. People say my shape is changing.  From more of a Pear to something a little more balanced.  Shifting slowly.

Thank you all for your encouragement!  So how are you doing?  If you would like to take a hike with me around Lake Sherwood, or join me for a fitness or yoga class, let me know!

Journal Entry 6

So last time I told you of my plan to try as many different classes and instructors at Body as Possible, as “cross training”.  For me, it gets me to work-in some more aerobic oriented classes than I normally would (always a challenge for me!)  I tried a wall yoga class (Nancy, excellent and quite interesting, a couple of Zumba classes (Carey and Andrea, Andrea and Chris), more of Brian’s P90X and Better Backs (Rhonda, always good with themes to go along with the postures), 3 long hikes through the woods and along Lake Michigan in the snow, and a fast walk through the neighborhood.  Still averaging 3 workouts per week.  Still at a plateau on weight loss (crap!) but much firmer, tighter, and stronger!  Still in a good direction!
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Tomorrow I will try Melinda’s Zumba at 10am.  More cardio will be a challenge for me but may help in the weight area.  How creative can you get with cardio!  Please give me more ideas! Eating.  Always a challenge to find healthier options that taste great!  Here is a fairly healthy but wonderfully delicious option we had last night (Sunday’s in the winter are sometimes “soup nights”).  Costco Lobster Bisque (made fresh, all natural, no preservatives).  I added skim milk to thin it a little and reduce calories a bit, a basil leaf, and frozen lobster chunks that Costco sells in frozen fish section.  Ate the soup with Great Harvest 9 grain bread (dip it into the soup or olive oil!).  And of course a glass of red wine for your daily antioxidants!  Please give me a recipe to try! Attached are a few pictures, one of a 16’ rustic beam which is in progress.  This and two other beams will be installed in a client’s family room. I should count this project as a fitness workout!  Same with the wine barrel vanity! (120 pounds)  Lots of lifting, moving, distressing with various tools, etc. I may need a massage after this project is installed! (no, I won’t count the massage as a workout!) How are you doing early this year?  Wishing you all a happy and healthy new year and hope to hear from you and see you at Body!

Journal Entry 5

I am Christmas shopping for son-in-law Reid at Menards.  I’m in a check-out line where a price-check is delaying the cashier, thinking about the rest of my day’s demands.  There’s a lot going on this time of year, including finishing a Venetian Plaster job in Union Lake, wrapping up a little Christmas shopping, meeting the furnace repair man at the house for a furnace that only reaches 60 degrees, assembling the 135 piece electric car for my grandson, etc.  You get the picture.  Yes the holidays can be a blast but also a bit stressful.  Time compression.  So standing in this line, I look to my left and see goodies!  Cheetos, sour cream and onion chips, Fritos, Oreos,  Little Debbie desserts, on-and-on.  The delicious whole wheat bagel with lox and smear from Einstein’s that I had for breakfast at 6am is gone….  The line isn’t moving.  I step over and pick up a bag of Cheetos.  Lunch isn’t far off… but a snack would hold me over.  Suddenly the line is moving again.  Somehow I manage to put the Cheetos back in the rack and go through checkout, feeling perhaps a bit like an alcoholic that just had a shot of whiskey up to his lips but suddenly poured it out just in time….  Whew!  That was a close one!  I promise to reward myself with sushi for lunch from a little place very close to my client’s Venetian plaster project I am heading back to.  One small victory! One better choice! 
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It turned out to be a good day eating-wise. Some eating days weren’t so good over the holiday’s, but not too many!“Stress-eating” can be a problem for some of us.  Making lousy food choices or portion sizes.  One helpful solution can be to reduce or manage the stress.  How do you manage yours?  My favorite ways include:  building a fire and reading a book, playing the trumpet (check out the facebook video around December 13, playing some Dixieland Jazz with Dave Bennett!) hanging out with family, making something artistic, getting out into nature and looking out over the water somewhere, and Backs Yoga (recently Karen’s, Ronda’s, Nancy’s… all solid classes!)  Make sure you squeeze in time for your stress reducing activities!  I’d like to hear what they are!So workout-wise I am still averaging 3 per week.  Some weeks 4, some 2, mostly 3.  Tried weight training/fit ball with Greg and Zumba with Carrie A.   Fun music and the classes move quickly.  I have a mini goal for the next 3 months or so:  attend as many different instructors’ classes as possible.   Why?  Well, lots of reasons- 1)variety is the spice of life, 2)cross training and muscle confusion is a good thing, 3) I need to work on expanding my “egde” (I hear they call Jen David the “Dungeon Master”.  That scares me a little!) The other bit of news is that I will be teaching Better Backs once a week starting in January.  Yes, I went through the 200 hours of Yoga Teacher Training back when Andrea first opened the Yoga studio, and taught classes back then until Andrea hired enough qualified instructors.  Tuesdays at 11:00am.  Come try one if the time works for you!  I promise you a solid class with longer holding postures and a little foot or head massage during savasana!  (And no, I don’t offer Cheetos after class!)  I wish you all a great New Year, and see you soon!

Journal Entry 4

Hello to my eating and exercise friends!  It has been about 8 weeks and going fairly well.  But I believe it can go better.  This entry is about your “EDGE”!  And my edge.  That place at which “more” would be too much or harmful/risky, and “less” might not gain the change or benefits you are looking for.  Over the decades in America perhaps it has gotten a little too easy.  Lawn mowing has gone from a push mower to gas powered to riding mowers (or of course having someone else mow your lawn altogether like I do!).  People are riding funny little powered scooters at the mall so they don’t have to walk!   Few or no physical education classes in school.  And in the workplace, physical work has been hugely reduced due to either union influence or the litigious society we live in.  And even your mental edge has been buffered.  Some schools pushing for “participation” versus actual test score performance and “participation” trophies versus actual first place, second place trophies, etc.  Perhaps we are not as physically and mentally tough as we used to be as a country?  Perhaps we have grown soft.
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So, I think my “edge” regarding both physical and mental fitness is NOT where it needs to be.  For example, at times in both fitness classes and yoga classes, I don’t deal with discomfort well.  In P90X or other classes, I may sometimes choose opportune times to go get some water.  But I may already have water.  OK so perhaps my water is not very cold any more.  Or, after holding “boat pose” for a few breaths, I come down a little earlier than I could.  I need to adjust my mat, since it’s a bit crooked.  Or go with the 5 pound weights versus the tens, or go to “girl” pushups before I really need to.  It’s sort of a” pain threshold thing”, but we don’t call it that anymore.  So I actually have lots of mental toughness in some aspects of my life, like making sure a wall-finishing project is completed on time in a client’s home, or an antique furniture piece was faux-finished perfectly, or reading the same book for the 3rd time to my grandson because he wants to hear it again.  But regarding physical and mental toughness in my exercise and eating efforts, I need to work on my “edge”.  A close family friend and fellow Body Language member has a son at the Naval Academy.  Evidently, an upcoming part of their training involves being dumped in an unfamiliar place with minimal or no food and supplies for 5 days and having to survive.  Extreme hot or cold, thirst and hunger, lack of sleep and physical exhaustion.  Then, I am told, they are captured and tortured with very few rules for the torture (no bones can be broken during torture).  To see if they can make it.  And not give up military information or secrets etc.  We civilians don’t hear much about this part of military training.  (By the way, thank you to all of the military service men and women out there!  We all owe you a huge debt of gratitude for what you do for us.)   Ok, my point is that if a soldier, male or female can make it through this, perhaps I can get a little tougher and “adjust” or perhaps redefine my “edge”.  So I am going to put some focus in this area.  Try to shift my edge a little.  To redefine what “discomfort” is.  Perhaps this will make me stronger in the end, more fit physically and mentally?  Many of you already have plenty of “edge”.  Perhaps some of you that don’t can try to redefine your edge with me?

Journal Entry 3

Hunger is a weird sensation!  Since starting this journey, I have cut back on quantity of foods.  Eating the same wonderful foods, just a bit less of them.  Cutting out second and third helpings most of the time.  That’s going ok, but during certain times of the day I am feeling a rare sensation—HUNGER!  I never used to be hungry in the morning until at least 10 or 11am, mostly because I ate so much the night before.  So with moderate portions, I am filling myself to a “6” or “7” out of 10 on the satiety index. And this dull ache sets in before meals.  I really don’t like hunger much!  I will try to just observe this and consider it over time.  It’s all new.  My Dad (85) says he doesn’t really get hungry any more.  That’s sad I think!  Maybe hunger is a good thing?  Hmmmm.   Maybe it’s not bad, just different.  We’ll see…
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THANKSGIVING!  Check out the picture of the plate of turkey, stuffing, mashed potato and  sweet potato casserole I enjoyed at my daughter Jamie’s and hubby Brett’s in Atlanta over thanksgiving!  Delicious! I took one more small helping of turkey. Wonderful! So I tried something different this year.  In past years for many decades, I would go back and fill this plate again.  And often a third time.  Piling thousands of extra calories in, until I was ready to burst.  Then watch football on the couch and visit with family.  This time, I tricked myself into enjoying every bite, eating a little more slowly, mixing in conversation, etc.   So this time, I put my plate in the sink after the generous first plate.  It was fine! It was a lot of food to begin with!  I did it!  Which brings me to another point.  Some folks really don’t feel good when they stuff themselves.  Perhaps they get heartburn, or indigestion, or just a miserable bloated feeling afterwards.  I don’t get those feelings!  I feel fine.  Getting to an “8” or “9” on the satiety index seemed to offer me pleasure.  Pleasure seemingly without guilt.  Evidently, according to Andrea, foods can release pleasure or calming hormones such as serotonin, dopamine and endorphins.  These can make one feel calm, pleasured, or euphoric.  So over many years, I gained pleasure from eating lots and lots of food!  Way more food than I needed to maintain, thus the weight gain each year.   Why is this so for me?  This may be simply habit, but it also may be deeper psychological stuff.  Perhaps more of this discussion along the way.  Exploring the deep dark caverns of my mind….may need a psychologist to assist!  How’s your eating going?  And how is exercise going for you?  For me, I am still getting some type of exercise 3-4 times per week.  The past couple weeks have included walks outside (lots in Atlanta with my crazy-for-exercise family), Chris’ weight training, P90x, and yoga.  Backs and Vinyassa.  So far so good.  I admit that for me, it’s not always fun doing it.  But let’s keep going!  I am trying to accept that this is a long haul life change, not a quick thing and over.  And this brings me to WEIGHT.  My wife advises me not to get on the scale.  To throw the scale away.  That I may be replacing fat with muscle mass, and muscle weighs more that fat, so weight loss may be slow, etc.  Well, people stopping me at body have asked “how much have you lost so far”.  So I couldn’t help get on the scale.  Down 5 pounds in about 6 weeks.  Someone even said “is that all?!”  Well actually I am quite happy with that!  Not bad if you consider deer camp and Thanksgiving in this time frame.  Slow but sure.  It’s a long journey, not a 30 day crash program.  And I am sure there are health benefits happening right now, along the way!  I wish all of you the best in eating and exercise this holiday season, and happiness and joy.  And I hope to hear from you!   To hear your stories.  See you at Body Language!

Journal Entry 2

Welcome to Deer Camp (otherwise known as Beer Camp)!  So on my first blog to all of you; I bore my soul on who I am and how I got to my current state of not-so-good health.  So it’s been 3 weeks and I am here to update you on how things are going.  And to also ask you, how are things with you on your health journey? I look forward to hearing from you!  Thanks to many who offered words of encouragement! 

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Oh so back to Deer Camp.  Over the first 3 weeks I did some kind of work out/exercise every other day!  Some weeks 3 days, some 4.  They included long walks, bike rides, yoga, Zumba, and P90X at Body.  In the first 5 minutes of P90X, the cardio portion, I may have said out loud “Lord, please take me now!”  The woman in front of me looked like a chiseled Olympic speed skater, strong and lean.  So cardio is my least favorite thing in the world to do (right up there with organizing the garage), and it showed, as I could feel my back-fat jiggling like a bowl full of jelly.  I need to buy some “Spanks”!  But I have to say, I will get better at it, and actually the rest of the class was excellent (upper body, legs/gluts, and abs).  Brian is a great instructor and offers modifications as well as lots of encouragement.  Thanks Brian!Oh yes, back to Deer Camp!  Invited by my good friend, Craig Lundin, husband to Chris Lundin.  Up in Da U.P.  Ya, you betcha!  And yes, we watched “Escanaba in Da Moonlight”.  So we hunt in the morning and late afternoon, up in a 12’ tree stand (no, I don’t count climbing up the tree stand as a “workout”).  And after that, there is beer.  All kinds of delicious beer, light beer, regular beer,  IPA’s, etc.   And food!  John from Canton, OH brought a large ham, as well as a large slab of corned beef, with potatoes carrots and vegetables.  What we all tried to make with the ham could put us on a TV reality show.  Ham and eggs, ham sandwiches, bean and ham soup, why not ham on pizza, ham and cheese nachos, just plain chunks of ham from the bone to your mouth….you get the picture.  I am leaving you a bean and ham recipe developed at this year’s deer camp, both delicious and moderate in calories.  The best bean soup I have ever tasted!As I hunted up in the tall tree stand, I looked down at the bait pile, which consisted of large carrots, apples, corn, and sugar beets.  I wondered if I would look like a big lean, strong buck if I ate more of what was in the bait pile!  Anyways, my loosely concocted “strategy” at deer camp was to have a blast, which we did, but also try to come away “even” or very close to even regarding weight if at all possible.  So I mixed in delicious deer camp food and drinks with 4.5 and 3 mile hikes.  Maybe next blog I will tell you about isometric yoga while sitting in a tree stand!The holidays offer unique challenges with regards to gatherings with incredible amounts and varieties of foods.  This coming Sunday, November 22nd, from 3:00-4:30pm Andrea is offering a workshop called “Beating the Holiday Bulge”, which I am attending and hope to see many of you there too!Overall, I have had a pretty good 3 week start on my journey to better health! I got exercise of some sort 3-4 times a week, only hit McDonald’s twice, included lots of tasty but good food like soups, sushi and Thai (Siam Fusion on M-59 is awesome, tell Sheryl I said “hi” if you go for lunch.  I like CD1 and MD4!) I wish all of you a terrific Thanksgiving and will be back in touch soon!John’s Deer Camp Bean Soup
-3 cans of beans (pinto, black, navy) with juice, 1 can minced tomatoes, 4 cups chunked ham, ½ cup brown sugar, ¼ cup vinegar (optional), fajita seasoning to taste, Tabasco sauce to taste, simmer 1-3 hours, stirring frequently.  Or put in slow cooker for 3 hours.

Journal Entry 1

Hi!  I am Dave von Behren, husband of Andrea who owns Body Language.  You would think that being Andrea’s husband, I would be the trim and chiseled guy you see in classes throughout the week at Body Language.  The one who often takes “doubles” on the fitness side, and then balances that out with yoga from time to time.  After that, a hot tea, black, no cream or sugar.  Then perhaps a stop at Bigby for Oatmeal, with slivered almonds and raisins, with a touch of cinnamon.   The one who gets home for a shower, looks in the mirror, admires the six pack stomach (9% Body Fat), awesome delts, lats, biceps, and taking a closer look in the mirror at a receding hairline wondering if it’s time for a hair transplant and maybe something to reduce the crows feet around my eyes. 
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But in reality, my morning starts very early, like 4:30am or so since I am not a good sleeper.  Then a shower and off to work to finish the next antique or to a clients home to Venetian Plaster, etc.  There is really no really good time for a workout because I like to start early in the morning.  And then after work I head to band rehearsal (I love playing the trumpet).  Or perhaps to see my daughter Brit and grandsons, or have dinner with my other daughter Brie, or run to Home Depot to grab some supplies for the next day.  Besides that, when it comes right down to it, I really don’t like working out. There, I said it.  I don’t enjoy working out. Cardio (especially) is not my thing.  Yes I did it in high school and college, but that was football, basketball, or baseball practice and I suffered through the cardio parts of practice to enjoy the throwing, shooting, batting…leading teams to victory and enjoying the team!  The fun parts!   
So how about my diet?  Well, Andrea has passed along all the right information-- healthy carbs/whole grains, fruits, vegetables, easy on the fried stuff, fish and nuts for omega threes, etc.  I can tell you how many calories and which vitamins each food contains.  I know the material.  So I eat lots of these great foods!   Really I do!  Last night I had salmon on a bed of mixed greens with blue cheese and raspberry vinaigrette.  Ok I also had creamy clam chowder, my favorite, and a nice cold IPA beer. 
But here is a typical day for me eating…2-3 coffees with cream and sugar, maybe a banana for breakfast.  If not that at home, perhaps a #4 at McDonalds (steak &cheese Egg McmuffinTM, hash browns, coffee).  Or a bagel dog at Einstein’s with asiago bagel bun and a large fresh squeezed OJ (22 oz.)  For lunch on the road, two slices of Marz Market pizza (it’s right near my shop, great pizza!).  If I am finished at my client’s home at 4:30pm, back to the shop to unload and repack for the next day.  Well, right downstairs from my shop is Marz Market again, so since we won’t eat dinner till 8:30pm, I better grab a large bag of Cheetos, diet coke or spicy V-8, and maybe a Hostess apple pie.  Then at 8:30PM for dinner, a bowl of chili with cheese, and a dozen chicken wings at Wilson’s.
Overall, I eat lots of food, healthy and unhealthy.  But the KEY is I get more calories in than I burn off!  So simple!  Maybe only 10-20 calories per day more on average, just a guess.  Not bad, except if you multiply 10cal/day x 365days x 40 years = 146,000 extra calories divided by 3,500 calories per pound = about 42 pounds.  Guess what?  I weigh 42 pounds more than my college days.  This is a classic case of “Creeping Obesity”.  Yep, that’s me.
By the way, I eat when I am stressed out.  Well, I also eat when I am calm, happy, sad, overjoyed, and anxious.  I love eating.  I can eat anytime and anywhere and anything.  I also have no “off button”.  So if I am at a 6 or 10 on the satiety index, that feeling of fullness, I blow right by it.  I ignore it. Till I get to 8-10.  Then I stop.  Overly full.  Sometimes stuffed. Smiling.  And I can’t blame my mother for always offering seconds.  Or genetics, since I have 3 slim brothers.
So I had 3 or 4 moments over the past year or two that made me tilt my head and say “hmmm”.  Well I actually said more than hmmm… One was in the gorgeous Grand Canyon with Andrea, Chris and Craig Lundin.  We hiked 9 miles at over 100 degree temps with lots of water and snacks.  The last few miles back up the canyon were brutal.  I had no cardio endurance, and my knees were killing me.  I began to worry about a cardiac event.
Another was in Derek’s fitness class, when told to do pushups.  I found myself going to girl pushups on the knees, and still wasn’t able to do 20.  Derek yelled at me “men don’t do girl pushups in my class!!!” I also get somewhat winded after a couple flights of stairs.  I don’t think I could run a quarter mile without stopping.
I now have high blood pressure (maybe 140-150) and take blood pressure meds to control it.  That coupled with some symptoms of sleep apnea make me think it may not be entirely genetic. 
I went hiking in southern Ohio and had to jump about 4 feet down off a boulder.  I did it, rather clumbsily, and sprang my ankle.  I have come to the conclusion that I am not an athlete.  I was an athlete, and now I am not.  Period.
Of course everyone tells me to think about living longer for my family.  Of course I want to do this, just haven’t prioritized it!
Although this is a blog about some challenges I am facing, just maybe my story resonates with some others that face diet or exercise issues.  So I am going to do a couple of things.  Firstly, I am going to show up at Body at least 2-3 times per week.  And get one other exercise per week in, like riding my bike, shoveling snow, hiking, anything!  Secondly, I am not going to change what I eat, but I am going to try to reduce the amount of total food I take in.  perhaps a regular whopper with cheese instead of a double whopper.  Regular fries instead of supersize.  Its I start!  So I will update this blog from time to time to let you know how it’s going, the good and bad, etc. They will be much, much shorter.  Hopefully, I will see you around Body Language at a class.  And perhaps you will get a chuckle from my ongoing story!







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