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60 Minute Massage $69.00

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Meet Our Body Language Massage Team



Laura Payment

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My motto is  "This is your massage!" Dependent on your needs, I can use a combination of Deep Tissue, Sweedish, Trigger Point Therapy, and stretching to meet your individual needs and I will do my best to facilitate healing.  My passion is to massage and teach others how to self treat and prevent.  I am a Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Melt Instructor, and Occupational Therapist.  I recieved my Bachelors of Science in Occupational Therapy  from Wayne State University in 1998, and then persued Massage Therapy in 2008 at the Flint School of Therapeutic Massage.  The MELT Method, "Hands off bodywork"  became my tool of choice to control how my own body feels and to share with my clients for self care.  I hope to help you find the benefits of Massage and Melt to keep you healthy and happy and living the best version of yourself!

Sarah Doran

Sarah Doran

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Hey Body Language! I'm Sarah, and I'm excited to start working with you! I've been an LMT for three years. I went to school around the corner at OCC to get my certification, and had the privilege to work with some amazing instructors. I have my BA in psychology as well which I used for my prior career with Oakland County, until I realized massage was my real passion. I love to travel; I've been to 4/7 continents, and I'd like to hit all seven before my time is up here. As for my take on massage; I'm not a miracle worker. I believe fully in taking care of yourself the best you can at all times. If you've had a desk job for 30 years, don't expect one session to permanently loosen those shoulders of yours. But I do believe in facilitating healing, and I look forward to working with you in the future to get your body feeling and functioning the best it can


Gabriela Steinberg

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Gabriela Steinberg is a trained therapist from West Bloomfield. She first discovered her passion for healing through the desire to avoid harsher conventional treatments in dealing with her children. She received training as a myomassologist at Irene's in 2014 and since then her interest in the field has only intensified. With a strong knowledge of the human body as well as a myriad of alternative modalities including; reiki, aromatherapy, and thaiyurveda, Gabriela can offer a variety of massage experiences to suit your needs, both clinically and spiritually. Intuitive, caring, attentive, and empathetic, Gabriela strives to bring you the healing you seek.






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