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Andrea's Antics September 5, 2018


girls trip up north

A couple of weekends ago I was headed to the Barefoot yoga festival at Proud Lake and at the last minute decided to change out of my leggings into shorts due to the steamy weather forecast.  It was during the first down dog that I looked back at my knees and said to myself
"when did that happen!?" Yikes!! Always doing yoga in leggings, I hadn’t noticed that the skin above my knees was a bit crinkled and now sagging over my knees when upside down. Ugh!! I tried to shake it off and think yogic thoughts like...just be grateful your leg is healthy. Or that you even have a leg...right?? Or just close your eyes. But those critical thoughts kept creeping back into my brain. 
So fast forward a few days and I’m driving up north with girlfriends and sharing this experience with them. We of course, as girlfriends will do, all jumped on the band wagon during this excursion by sharing the body parts that we weren’t happy with or that we felt like needed a bit of assistance!! We pull into our destination restaurant and are seated next to two “elderly” couples (translated as older than us) and one of the women look over at us and says...look at all that firm skin!! Seriously??? Ha!! Stopped us in our tracks. Stopped the grumbling and self judgement and instantly put it all in perspective that 1)everything is relative and 2)to just be grateful for wherever you are!!  
It was a powerful lesson to me that I thought worthy of sharing with all of you!! I know that my girlfriends and I are not alone in our self judgement and critical thinking about ourselves.  I know that we can all learn from each other and our experiences in life to remind each other to be grateful for what we do have and to even embrace the changes in our bodies. (Super easy to say and super hard to do...I know). But challenging all of us to move forward in life focusing more on our strengths, our health, and the positive things in our lives. Worrying less about our blemishes, insecurities and areas of our lives and bodies that are less than perfect!! 

Andrea's Antics, August 22nd 2018


Owner of BL keels over in P90x Class!!!


Just kidding…but almost!!  
As those of you who are Facebook friends with me already know, I’ve had a busy last couple of weeks. I spent a long weekend with some girlfriends up north, then drove straight to Chicago for a retail conference, was home one night to pack and unpack, and then headed the next day to Idaho for a family wedding!!   Phew!! Read More

Andrea's Antics August 9th, 2018

  andrea antics 8-2018I recently got the chance to hang out with a handful of girlfriends for a weekend get away. As is often the case, the latest weight loss diets and nutrition trends was one of the hot topics of conversation. After sharing my thoughts with these ladies, Chris and I got to talking about how the tendency is to flock to and follow the advice of friends or celebrities who have lost a lot of weight, while we tend to discount the choices of those who have maintained an ideal body weight their whole lives. Read More

Andrea's Antics July 25, 2018


Yoga Journey

Many of you might be surprised to find out that I was not always a “yogi.” In fact, when I purchased Body Language in 1997, I had never even tried a yoga class before. The reality is that it was the stress of buying this business while trying to juggle raising our 3 daughters that led me to yoga.  Read More

Andrea's Antics July 11, 2018


Nearly every summer for the past several years our family has headed to a place called Camp Arcadia!! My youngest daughter, Brie, says it’s her favorite place on Earth. It’s set right on Lake Michigan, the sunsets are amazing, and in addition to some extended family, all three of our daughters and their families were able to join us this year!!Read More

Andrea's Antics June 28th, 2018

Yes you can eat pizza

Chris and I were in Jamie’s class the other day and she was telling us about a woman who iS said to be the oldest woman doing yoga. The comment was made to her that I can’t believe you can do yoga, and her response was that I am so grateful I GET to do yoga. It’s a gift not a practice based on restrictions or accomplishments.Read More

Andrea's Antics June 13th, 2018


antics june 2018


I wanted this week's Andrea’s Antics to piggy back on my Nutrition Nibbles that was posted on Facebook this past Sunday. I hope you have been taking the time to listen to these “nibbles” of information. Read More

Andrea's Antics May 30, 2018


BL takes a pose

Yep it’s true!! I would say it was a tough love gesture but nonetheless I don’t get it back until July 1st. What??? I have to admit that her reasoning was right on. I love the challenge of getting my steps in. It’s a personal challenge but also fun to compete with friends and family members. But, what started as an awareness tool has recently become a deterrent to balancing my workouts with yoga. Read More

Andrea's Antics May 16th, 2018



I was in Melinda’s Zumba Gold class this am and at the end she always takes a little time to ask everyone to share what’s going on in their lives. She then announced to us that it was “choose-day”. Tuesday with a choice. Get it?? A great message for ANY day but perhaps even more valuable since we were setting out for an adventure to the zoo with our 3 grandsons!! Need I say more?? Read More

Andrea's Antics April 24, 2018

bl yoga poses managers


As this month comes to an end, so does our Ask Andrea body’s blast board!! 
I truly feel this has been one of the most effective ways we have been able to spread sound nutrition information and I have heard from many of you, our students, about how helpful you found this Q & A. Moving forward, I hope you will continue to educate yourself on sound nutrition by watching my short video snippets on Facebook every Sunday evening called Nutrition Nibbles. I will be addressing those common questions and concerns in my attempt to help you all manage your weight in a way that doesn’t sabotage your health. Read More






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