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Andrea's Antics April 24, 2018

bl yoga poses managers


As this month comes to an end, so does our Ask Andrea body’s blast board!! 
I truly feel this has been one of the most effective ways we have been able to spread sound nutrition information and I have heard from many of you, our students, about how helpful you found this Q & A. Moving forward, I hope you will continue to educate yourself on sound nutrition by watching my short video snippets on Facebook every Sunday evening called Nutrition Nibbles. I will be addressing those common questions and concerns in my attempt to help you all manage your weight in a way that doesn’t sabotage your health. 
Although you have probably figured out this won’t be the last you hear from me on nutrition, for now I leave you with this one parting challenge.   Don’t be wowed by the claims of the latest fad diets. Be smarter... educate yourself. Avoid acting desperately by trying to lose weight quickly when it then makes it impossible to keep the weight off. Know that the fad diets of today...ketos, paleo, bullet proof coffee...are just re-packaged fad diets of yesterday... like Atkins and South Beach. They didn’t work 10 years ago or every one who went on them would be thinner and healthier today so marketers re brand and present to the gullible public with the same promises but new names. They consistently cut out nutritious and healthy good carbs and load our arteries with way too much saturated fat. While this may be a recipe for losing a few pounds, it is at the expense of our health and our muscle mass. We can’t trick our bodies to lose fat over muscle in fact if we don’t eat at least 50% of our calories from good carbs our body starts converting our muscle to glucose to use for energy. This is an unavoidable and un-refutable fact. 
Ok I’m done...for now!!! Get 50-60% of your calories from fruits,veggies and whole grains, 25% of your calories from good fats like avocados, nuts and olive oil and 10-15% of your calories from protein. If the diet you are following doesn’t follow these guidelines, then it won’t work for your health or your waistline!! Avoid letting your definition of success be just weight loss, instead focus on choices that result in a healthier, more energetic, happier you and a weight loss that is sustainable.
Our first Reiki Training filled up fast!

Andrea's Antics, April 11, 2018



In general, I am all about eating the food instead of popping the pill. But there is a time and a place for supplements and there is a reason why I have chosen to offer the select group of supplements that we sell at BL. I thought it might be helpful to give you a short overview of each supplement in order to help you determine whether any of these supplements might better your health. So read below...if you want more information on any of these find me in the Link or Ask Andrea on our Body's Blast board!! Cheers to a healthier you!!Read More

Andrea's Antics March 28th. 2018


As some of you may have already seen, I am addressing one nutrition topic every week on Facebook.  These Nutrition Nibbles, as we are calling them, are posted on Facebook every Sunday. So, if you haven’t already liked our Body Language FB page, here’s another reason to do so!!  Read More

Andrea's Antics March 13, 2018


Avb Body Language forward fold

I had an epiphany the other night about why there is so much conflicting nutrition information out there. It occurred to me that it could all be summed up in the following statement: ”consider the source.”Read More

Ray's Antics February 28th, 2018


The month of March is when you’ll start to notice the green MDA shamrocks floating around local stores like Kroger, Lowes, Walgreens, & this year AT BL, putting the green in St. Patrick's day and MDA Fundraising!  Read More

Andrea's Antics February 13, 2018

avb splits forward fold BT

Being in this business for over 21 years now, I am painfully aware that this is often the time of year when New Years resolutions begin to fade. It’s just human nature. We start the year out with such good intentions but for one reason or the other the drive to stick with it begins to diminish and we just lose sight of that vision. I want to challenge YOU, because you are taking the time to read this right now, to break free from this cycle of breaking New Years resolutions and make showing up to take care of yourself a lifestyle change that you continue to make each and every day!!  Read More

Andrea's Antics, January 31, 2018


AVB Dave

The month of February is often associated with Valentines and  letting those around us know they are LOVED!! So, in keeping with this theme, we are offering you 2 opportunities to show your LOVE in the month of February. Read More

Andrea's Antics January 17, 2018


Andrea Yoga Teacher Training

Body Language's Teacher Training is designed so that..

upon its completion you will have fulfilled all the requirements to receive a Yoga Alliance Certificate and could teach yoga anywhere in the nation. That being said, while many take the training with aspirations to teach, others are simply looking to gather information and experiences that will take their yoga journey to the next level. Read More

Andrea's Antics, January 3, 2018

avb julie

As I write this antics, Dave and I are driving home from celebrating New Years with friends up north. We headed back a little earlier than the others to make it home in time for the funeral of Julie LeBlanc. Many of you might remember Julie as the founder of the Julie Run...the annual race that raised money for Open Door outreach center. Julie had a heart for those less fortunate and worked for years on the board of Open Door to serve the hungry in our community. Body Language was honored to team up with Julie for years as sponsor of this event. 

Read More

Andrea's Antics December 19th, 2017

antics xmas

On behalf of Chris and I and the entire Body Language staff we want to take a moment amidst all the hustle and bustle to let you know how grateful we are for each and every one of you. Whether you have been with us for the past 20 years or have just found your way to us, we consider you part of our BL family!! We wish you much health and happiness as we approach a new year and challenge each of you to continue making that investment in YOU!Read More






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