Andrea's Antics November 20, 2014

This time of year with the approaching of Thanksgiving, we are reminded to stop... pause... and consider all that we have to be grateful for.  The simple act of counting our blessings actually changes our brain chemistry...not only making us more content but actually making our brains healthier as well.  Of course for many found at the top of that gratitude list are our family and friends.  We all appreciate being surrounded by people who love and support us but you might be interested to know that the more positive connections we have in our lives (spouses, kids, friends, pets...) the happier and healthier our brains are as well. Read More

Andrea's Antics, November 6, 2014

As many of you already know... Body Language is growing!!  When I purchased BL almost 18 years ago we had 3 teachers .. 17 classes/week.. and 90 students listed in a Rolodex!  We now have nearly 70 bodies on staff...80 plus classes/week and thousands of BL students who we are thrilled have found your way to us!! Read More

Andrea's Antics October 27, 2014

So my antics this month is really just piggy backing on a letter that my dear friend Herb posted on facebook a few days brought me to tears and I wanted to share his journey with our Body Language family...I encourage you all to take a few minutes to read it for 2 reasons...1) to hear Herbs inspirational story as well as the transformational piece yoga and a sense of community has played in his life and 2) to grasp the impact that each of us has...often unknowingly in each persons life we come in contact with... Read More