Andrea's Antics, March 25, 2015

If you've had a chance to stop by Body Language in the last couple of days, you've likely noticed our tag line over the lockers: WORK...SWEAT...PLAY !!!  When Chris and I were looking into taglines for our business we found this definition for a tagline: a slogan or phrase that conveys the most important product attribute or benefit that the advertiser wishes to convey.  So the hard part for us was that Body Language embodies so much how do you sum it all up in one phrase??  ...until we came across what we considered the perfect tagline:  WORK...SWEAT...PLAY!!! Read More

Andrea's Antics March 10th, 2015

First of all we are thrilled with the extremely positive feedback we have received from all of you regarding our new space.  We have worked hard to create this new environment for all of you to workout out and connect in BUT now we need your help to preserve and maintain this space.   Read More