Andrea's Antics, July 27, 2016

Most of you have had a chance to meet my 2 youngest daughters at Body over the years, but many of you have likely not had the chance to meet my oldest daughter, Jamie, who lives in Atlanta with her husband, Brett. We are very excited that Jamie and Brett are due to have their first child in October and this past weekend they came home to celebrate with friends and family for her baby shower. Read More

Andrea's Antics July 12, 2016

I'm sitting at my kitchen table looking out at another fabulous Michigan day!! My husband, Dave, is working out in our yard trying to spruce up our landscaping. We purchased our home 3 years ago from the original owners who had let the landscaping become pretty unkempt. Dave is pulling out bushes that have rotted, died, or just beyond help, and then replacing some of these with new plants. Read More