Andrea's Antics, September 28th, 2016

I LOVE massages!!! They are truly one of my favorite things in life. In fact, if you ask any massage therapist at BL, as soon as they walk out of the room within seconds I have dive bombed onto the table and am ready to be rubbed!!! Read More

Andrea's Antics, September 14, 2016

Many of you may not realize that Steve Guth was the very first yoga teacher I hired...18 plus years ago. In fact, he taught yoga at BL before I did!! Steve has been with me all these years because: 1) he is just an amazing person who cares so much about each of his students and their individual needs and 2) because he is a very skilled yoga teacher who really specializes in yoga as a therapy for those with physical restrictions and limitations. Read More

Andrea's Antics, September 6, 2016

As I write this antics its been exactly one week since my little sister Lisa's life was taken by a hit and run driver. She was out jogging alongside the Fortress golf course in Frankenmuth early that morning before she went to work when she was hit from behind with such force that it knocked her out of her tennis shoes and killed her on impact. And yet the driver didn't stop... Read More