Andrea's Antics June 24 2017

Believe it or not, there is usually a method to our madness!!  So when we came up with the Summer Challenge it was based on the fact that a lot of our students fall off or even disappear over the summer months.  We all know that summer months are fleeting and full of all sorts of distractions but then come Fall we see you guys back in class and on your mats all discouraged about losing strength, flexibility and often gaining a few pounds!!    Read More

Andrea's Antics June 6, 2017

As we all know sometimes we are moving forward on what we think is this perfect plan…let’s call it Plan A, and then all of a sudden Plan A is no longer an option.  So, we can stomp our feet and pout and throw a fit OR we can move to Plan B!! Ok so…Chris and I had the summer schedule all thought through, drawn up, and sent out to all of you, known as Plan A, BUT, as of yesterday, we had to do a bit of shuffling and re-adjusting and move to Plan B. Regretfully, Plan B involves temporarily cancelling our cardio drumming classes due to an instructor conflict, but know that we are on the lookout for other instructors to bring back this popular class asap!!   Read More