Andrea's Antics July 23, 2017

As I sit down to write these antics I can’t believe we are already more than ½ way through July… and am hoping that you, like me, are taking every opportunity to soak up every minute of this amazing but short lived Michigan summer!!   That being said, we are entering our last month of our Summer Challenge… I’m playing right along with you and have to say that it has been truly a challenge to get 20 different teachers in!!  I’m getting close (just 5 more to go), but fully aware that I’m going to have to really “shake up” my schedule in order to get those last 5 in.   Read More

Andrea's Antics July 7 2017

So I'm working on a nutrition presentation for the Barefoot Festival the last weekend of July!!  I know many of you have enjoyed taking classes from the amazing teacher, Beth James, who has taught yoga at Body Language from time to time over the past several years.   Well, she is the one hosting this event.  You can check out the link below to learn more - it's a fabulous weekend and right here in our own back yard!  Many teachers from BL are among those leading classes and, at 2:00 on Sunday the 30th. Read More