Andrea's Antics, August 22nd 2018

Just kidding…but almost!!   As those of you who are Facebook friends with me already know, I’ve had a busy last couple of weeks. I spent a long weekend with some girlfriends up north, then drove straight to Chicago for a retail conference, was home one night to pack and unpack, and then headed the next day to Idaho for a family wedding!!   Phew!!  Read More

Andrea's Antics August 9th, 2018

I recently got the chance to hang out with a handful of girlfriends for a weekend get away. As is often the case, the latest weight loss diets and nutrition trends was one of the hot topics of conversation. After sharing my thoughts with these ladies, Chris and I got to talking about how the tendency is to flock to and follow the advice of friends or celebrities who have lost a lot of weight, while we tend to discount the choices of those who have maintained an ideal body weight their whole lives.  Read More