Andrea's Antics October 17, 2018

I recently attended a nutrition seminar on sleep and learned how important quality sleep is for our bodies and our brains.  We need 7-8 hours of sleep every night - the average American only gets 6.3 hours. The presenter emphasized that although there are many important things going on while we are sleeping, the major purpose of sleep is to restore brain energy reserves that are depleted during our waking state. Read More

Andrea's Antics October 3, 2018

Massage rocks!! Massages rock!!  They truly do!   And not only do they just feel good, they are SO good for you!  I recently taught a nutrition seminar called Mood, Mind & Appetite, on ways we could change our brain chemistry to be calmer and have more impulse control over our compulsive overeating and other addictive behaviors. Read More