Andrea's Antics, November 27, 2018

Did you know that the average American gains 7 pounds between Thanksgiving and New Years??  Maybe you are painfully aware of this fact first hand, but what you probably aren’t aware of is that you can no longer just blame holiday dinners and Christmas cookies for these unwanted pounds!!  Research shows that those extra 7 pounds, that often find their way around our waistlines as we cheer in a New Year, are in large part due to the stress of the holidays!!  Read More

Andrea's Antics November 14, 2018

As part of my mission to share sound nutrition advice, I am starting a new series called Wednesdays Wine & Wisdom.  Yep - it's pretty self explanatory, but I am combining 2 of my favorite things: my passion for nutrition and my affinity for wine. Read More

Andrea's Antics November 1, 2018

In my last couple of nutrition nibbles (Facebook video that goes out every Sunday) I’ve been trying to educate listeners about why low carbohydrate diets are bad for our brains and our bodies. Today, I just want to follow up with a little more information on what good carbs we should be consuming. Read More