Andrea's Antics December 26, 2018

    dec anticsA couple of weeks ago I noticed that my brain seemed kind of foggy and that I was feeling a bit down.  This went on for a handful of days until I started tossing around potential reasons in my head.  Maybe I was just overwhelmed with the time of year and the extra things on my to do list, maybe it was because, Chris, my partner in crime, was out of town and I didn’t have her around to bounce things off of or just giggle with, or maybe it was because this time of year has a tendency to bring loved ones to mind and I was just missing my sister.  Read More

Andrea's Antics December 12, 2018

december antics 1I eat out 2-3 meals per day. It’s true!! Ask my friends, my family, or any of the BL staff. Part of the reason is that I’m on the go a lot and it’s more convenient for me to grab something at a local restaurant than to pack a lunch or run home. Read More