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amy gibson


I have been on my yoga journey now for over 3 months, and I can safely say… I am a changed person. Physically I have never been stronger (yes people, I have arms muscles now – thank you chuturanga), and mentally I have never felt so in tune with myself and ready to take on the stresses of life. Body Language was something I had been missing in my life (that I didn’t know I needed), and something I never want to give up. 

At Body Language people DO care, and you are ALWAYS enough. Everyone has something to contribute, and everyone has something they want to improve on, but this is the only place in the 28 (almost 29) years of my life that has allowed me to do that and feel completely comfortable, cared for, and guided.



I started coming to Body Language about 5 years ago, dragged unwillingly by my friend who INSISTED that yoga would be wonderful for me. I thought she would be so wrong. However, she was so very right!! Body Language has become a way of life for me. The community is so warm and welcoming. The classes are physically challenging and always oh-so-fun! The people I’ve met have become my dear friends. My life is so much more balanced with Body Language in my life--emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Mary Lou

Mary Lou

"I go to Body Language for the challenging workout, the amazing and fun instructors, and most of all, to be surrounded by people who truly want the best for me. Body Language isn't just a place to go to workout, it's a place you go to be a part of a special and wonderful community."


"Body Language is a place to get a challenging and fun workout,  where you'll leave happy and feel great! Over the past 14 years I've met some amazing friendly people."


Kim G_copy


"I choose Body Language as my workout place for enormous amounts of reasons; the good vibe when I walk into the place, the great people I have  made friends with that feel like family, and most definitely the fabulous workouts I get are like no other workout I've ever experienced since I've been with Body Language"

Bruce (2)


I began doing Triathlons about 5 years ago a, since I began Yoga and I have never missed a race due to an injury and the more Yoga I do the faster my performance becomes.
In the past few months I have gone through and still am going through some major life changes and combined with working from home (when I am not traveling) I have come to love the BL community even more. Great place to go to and be around like minded people and it definitely provides me with energy mentally and physically to be positive and live a more spiritual life filled based on gratitude and happiness.

  amy B


I have chosen Body Language because it has a great variety of yoga classes and teachers....from a relaxing stretch and all the way up to Zenergy!
I greatly appreciate this community and feel so blessed to be able to be a part of it.....such a fun positive energy place to be!!!



“I came to Body Language on a discount program, Groupon or something similar, I quickly realized it wasn't a typical gym. I was never intimidated and even though I didn't always believe in myself the staff gave a supportive nudge to continue improving. It was more like a sitcom family, everyone, staff and clients, was welcoming, supportive, and had words of encouragement”

michelle m_copy1

"One of the best decisions I have ever made was joining Body Language Fitness and Yoga.  Not only have I made countless new friends, but I have learned so much about myself in the process.  The instructors are "top notch" and self disciplined, which has prompted me to push myself farther than I could ever have thought possible.  My mentality along with my body have changed, giving me more confidence and self appreciation than ever before."





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