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I love the fact that life has led me down this road of health and enabled me to touch so many students' lives. I am truly passionate about offering a fitness, yoga and nutrition program that allows every student to look and feel his/her best and am SO grateful to be surrounded by an awesome staff who share my passion and a wonderful family who have supported me every step along the way. The training that I received in order to be able to effectively share my passions include my degree from MSU as a Registered Dietitian, A.C.E Fitness Certification and Yoga Certification provided by Jonny Kest’s Center for Yoga as well as over 13 years of teaching experience. Look forward to having YOU in class!!
Did you know that Andrea has never lost a hula hoop contest, in fact she was on Bozo's Big Top show ( hula hooping of course!). Her bucket list includes going to Alaska and hiking through the Grand Canyon. Who would have guessed that her favorite songs are: Mama Mia, Hairspray, Grease! (only all of us that have been in her ZUMBA classes!)
Hi guys! My name is Chris Lundin and I have been teaching at Body Language for almost 15 years! I teach mostly Zumba and Weight Training but every once in while they talk me into a Power Pump or Kickboxing class! Its all good! I challenge you to try something you haven't tried.... shake it up every now and then. Enjoy your Body Language experience and hopefully we will cross paths! See you at Body!
If Chris is not at Body Language you will most likely find her snowmobiling or 4-wheeling.  Did you know her nickname was Tina until 6th grade and her favorite food is soup?
Hello! My name is Carey and I have been teaching aerobics for seven years. I started teaching aerobics at Michigan State University. I have been a member at Body Language for about five years and have been addicted ever since! My favorite class to teach at Body Language is Fitball. When I am not working out, I enjoy any type of activity that is outdoors! My other job is teaching. I teach second grade at Holly Elementary.
I am very grateful to all the teachers who have shaped and guided me on my yoga journey. I am an Anusara Inspired yoga teacher, and a passionate and dedicated student of Anusara yoga founded by John Friend. I weave the universal principals of alignment and heart oriented themes into all my classes so that I can help empower my students to connect to their inner strength, intrinsic beauty and deep wisdom. With gratitude, I completed my Anusara level 1 teacher training, and yoga therapy training with John, and my level 2 Anusara teacher training from Todd Norian and Ann Greene. I am also a registered yoga teacher, trained and certified by Michael Johnson at Updog Yoga. I have studied with many other leading instructors including Desiree Rumbaugh, Jamie Turner-Allison, Betsy Downing, Lauran Christensen, Mitchel Bleier, Paul Grilley, and Lama Sumati Marut. I received Anusara immersion training, and weekly ongoing instruction and inspiration from my auspicious mentors Sara Davidson and Natalie Donnellon.
Several Years of experience teaching fitness classes, personal training and wellness advising. Bachelor of Exercise Science, Wellness & Health Promotion from Oakland University. On a more serious note I expect my students to sweat, workout like it’s their last and NOT drop their quarter!
Karen's favorite hobby is boating.  Her favorite food is lamb chops and her favorite movie is Shawshank Redemption.

I have been a Yoga teacher at Body Language for 11 Years, and a member at Body Language for 20 years. I have 3 daughters, 20, 18 and 11. Two oldest are at MSU. Looking forward to seeing you at Body Language and connecting with you.

Hi! I'm Deb Behnke.  I started teaching at the orignal Body Language in 1979. I am blessed with 3 beautiful grandchildren. Any extra time I have, other than working at the Detroit Gun Club, I like to spend it with my family. I love teaching aerobics-I love the people and the time it allows us to spend on ourselves making us better people. Working out to me isn't a job - It's a passion!
Deb's favorite hobby is to make and refurbish furniture out of wood. Her favorite food is pizza and her favorite book is The Art of Racing in the Rain.
Did you know Susan won an award for designing a dress made out of toilet paper?  Her dream vacation is to go back to Norway, and her favorite book is The Alchemist.
Hello! I have always enjoyed fitness and have been a cheerleader for many years. I'm currently a member of the Detroit Pistons Cheer Team. I began practicing yoga (at Body Language) in 2009 after my lung randomly collapsed. I used it as a way to heal and strengthen my body. I consider my personal practice to be playful with strong determination. That comes across in my teaching as well. I feel it is a great honor to be able to share this wonderful gift with others. I look forward to seeing you on your mat!

Hi!! My name is Mandy and I have been involved in teaching fitness since 2003, when I started teaching a step class in the Flint area. After having twin boys in 2005 I took a little break from teaching fitness. I attended a girls night out, Zumba night, with my mom and sister at Body Language and became completely obsessed. In May of 2008 I went to the Zumba Basic 1 training and started teaching classes that June. I absolutely love teaching Zumba and am thrilled to be teaching at Body Language. When I am not teaching Zumba, I teach 7th and 8th grade science at White Lake Middle school. I also spend as much time as possible with my amazing boys. Sam plays soccer and baseball, and Ethan takes dance classes. However, both boys continue to want to add activities to our schedule.

I'm a Registered Yoga Teacher 500, Licensed Clinical Psychologist, and Certified Enneagram Teacher . As yoga teacher since 2005, I work to integrate my knowledge as a psychologist with my calling as a yoga teacher by teaching therapeutic applications of yoga, with an emphasis on using yogic practices to heal the emotional body. I've sought additional certification through teacher training programs in Yoga for Depression & Anxiety, Yoga for Scoliosis, and Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation. You can learn more about me on my website:
My name is Emily, and I am so excited to begin this journey of teaching Zumba! Body Language has been a big part of my life since I was in high school. The community is amazing, and I am so blessed to be able to teach here! When I started college, I knew I needed to find a workout that would help me stay fit, and also have fun while doing it. I fell in love with dancing, and it is definitely one of my favorite workouts! When I am not teaching Zumba, I work full time as a Registered Nurse! I am looking forward to having you in my class, and I can't wait to dance with you!
Hi, I'm Lisa Garneau. I've met a lot of you while working the desk at Body Language ( I have been there since 1997) WOW! I also like to take advantage of working out with some of the most talented instructors in the biz! In fact, I met my husband, Brent, in a kickboxing class. After a jab, a series of roundhouses and an uppercut--HE SUCCUMBED! We have a son named Cole together. I also have two other children Chad and Carly. I am a certified Zumba instructor and teach Zumba classes here with my partner Carly (my daughter). Come join me and let's discover the "fun of fit"!
Hi friends! I’ve been teaching group fitness classes for over 25 years. I hold certifications in TurboKick, Piyo, Ripped, Schwinn indoor cycling, Z-Box, Zumba and yoga. I also teach Tabata and strength training. I love to workout and I look forward to having you in class. When I’m not here teaching a class you can find me teaching at Waterford Kettering high school. My other passions are gardening, traveling and of course hanging out with my beloved dogs (Hucky and Toby). Rock on peeps!
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