What package is best for me?

Start with our New Member Special, one month of unlimited fitness and yoga for $49.  This gives you plenty of time to get a feel for our space, classes and instructors.  After your first month one of our desk managers can help you pick a package that is right for you based on your attendance and budget.  We have a number of packages from unlimited monthly plans to class packs.

If I join Body Language can I go to both the fitness classes and the yoga classes?

Yes, all memberships include fitness and yoga.  There are over 90 classes a week to choose from between our yoga room and fitness room. We encourage you to enjoy a variety of classes.

How old do you have to be to come to take class?

We would love to have your children practice yoga and /or workout with you.  Body Language does not set any rigid rules regarding appropriate age for Yoga.    As long as you feel your son or daughter will not disturb the other students around him or her then he/she is welcome.  For fitness classes children must be 12 years of age or older, unless prior approval is received.

I am from out of town, do I get my first class free?

Unfortunately, we do not offer a first class free at Body Language or out of town discounts.  You could buy our New Member Special, one of our Class Packs, or pay our drop-in rate.

Is there a place to change and shower?

Yes, we have two changing rooms and two showers.  Each is stocked with shampoo and conditioner.  We also have additional necessities like blow dryers and hairspray!

What should I bring and wear?

You should wear clothes that are comfortable and do not restrict your ability to move.  You can bring a water and towel to class.

For yoga classes bring your own yoga mat or you can rent one of ours for $2.

For fitness classes bring a pair of workout shoes.   Shoes are not needed for some of our fitness classes (barre and pilates).  We recommend grippy socks which are available in our boutique.

Do you offer Childcare?

Yes, we babysit while you work out!  You can find out more about our babysitting services here.

Studio etiquette, what do I need to know?

•  Please try to arrive to class approximately five to ten minutes before class.

•  Do not bring cell phones into class.

•  Please bring your fitness shoes in, do not wear them in from outside.  This helps keep the fitness room floors free of dirt, salt, water etc.

•  The yoga room is a quiet place so please keep conversations in our designated social area, the Link.



Is the room heated during yoga?

Yes, with the exception of Therapeutic Yoga.  It is important to practice yoga in a warm room in order to allow the muscles to relax. The better backs classes will be heated to about 75-78 degrees while the more vigorous ashtanga and vinyasa classes are practiced at 85-90 degrees as the movement is more rapid and the postures more intense.

I am new to yoga, which class is best for me?

The classes are ordered in degree of difficulty on the yoga class descriptions. We generally recommend that students new to yoga begin with a Therapeutic Yoga or a Better Backs class. The teachers are trained to be able to guide all students regardless of level of experience in and out of every posture.

Can I lose weight doing yoga?

Yoga promotes weight loss on several levels.

• First it is a physical workout that burns calories as well as tones muscles. The results are a more sculpted body as well as stronger muscles and bones.

• Secondly, it promotes awareness. Students who practice yoga will move through the rest of their day (including meals) paying closer attention to hunger cues and are more likely to match their food intake with their actual needs.

• Lastly, the calming effect of yoga actually creates a willingness by the body to let go of unneeded fat stores. Whenever the body and mind are in a relaxed state the inevitable result is more successful weight management.

Do I have to be flexible to do yoga?

Absolutely NOT!! The intention of yoga is to make you MORE flexible but wherever you are is where you start. Flexibility WILL increase if you keep coming to your mat!



Do I need to bring any equipment?

No, we have everything you need.  Before each class the instructor will write out what is needed and we provide all the equipment/props for class.

I am new to fitness, which class is best for me?

All of our fitness classes can be adjusted to your own level.   For example, if an instructor asks you to grab a light weight and a heavy weight it is up to you to decide what you consider light and heavy, giving you the ability to adjust each class to your level and preferred intensity..



What is Perkville?

Perkville is a reward system we use at Body Language.  Just as you are awarded for flights on airlines, for using your credit card, or for buying clothes, why not be rewarded for working out too??

How do you earn points?

Attend a class and earn 1 point.  Attend a workshop and earn 10 points.  Purchase a massage and you’ll receive 25 points.  If you refer a friend via Perkville and that friend purchases a membership with us, you will receive 50 Perkville points!

How do you redeem points?

For every 100 points accumulated a $10 reward can be redeemed from your Perkville account redeemable for any retail purchase!! Credits can be redeemed at any time but only one $10 credit may be applied toward each retail item. Ask any manager for more details.  Points are accumulated automatically all you have to do is show up.  It's our way of saying THANK YOU to YOU, our loyal students.

How do I set up my Perkville account?

To set up your Perkville account and start earning points, click here.